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And help us to clean up the planet,

one community at a time

Our primary goal is to get as many “EarthAuger” UDDT toilets out into the developing world to improve sanitation and health.

In order to do that and increase the chance for successful implementation, we need to collaborate with:

  • Local organizations with in-country experience

We also believe there are valuable end products:

  • Compost
  • Urine

As the use of this organic material is also a cultural change for some societies, local collaboration is a must to reduce the many cultural barriers.

The first step is a demonstration project led by a local partner. A collaborative approach would entail the following:

  • Developing a culturally attractive plan
  • Obtaining local funding and commitment
  • Training a local team in assembly and installation
  • Monitoring of usage, perceptions and quality of end products

Following a successful demonstration, we would:

  • Assist in building the Local organization business
  • Assist in the Commercialization of the “EarthAuger”
  • Help develop local manufacturing if it makes financial sense

We look forward to establishing relationships with organizations that have a desire to improve Sanitation and health – and look forward to working with you!

It's about collaboration

Our business model puts a premium on a collective impact approach to achieve common sanitation goals.

We seek mutually beneficial relationships with partners across:

  • Government
  • Non Profit
  • Civil
  • Business

On all levels of operation:

  • International
  • National
  • Regional
  • Community

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