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The Global Sanitation Crisis

Over 2.5 billion people – roughly 37% of the world’s population – lack access to basic sanitation, with over 1 billion people practicing open defecation. The lack of basic sanitation perpetuates the cycle of poverty and disease in multiple and insidious ways:

  • Every 20 seconds
    a child dies as a result of poor sanitation

  • 80% of diseases in developing countries
    are caused by unsafe water and poor sanitation,
    including inadequate sanitation facilities.

  • Doing nothing is costly
    Every US $1 spent on sanitation brings a $5.50 return
    by keeping people healthy and productive

  • Lack of basic sanitation particularly threatens
    the safety and well-being of women and girls

Did you know?

While there are 7 billion people

And 6 billion people
now have cell phones

4.5 billion have toilets

Our goal is to promote:

  • Universal access to sanitation services through the development of a revolutionary technology for managing human waste.

  • Large-scale deployment of the EarthAuger Solution promises to dramatically reduce the toll on human life and the environment that follows from poor sanitation.

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